THE MINI MAG. Volume 2 No.4
  April 2000

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Club Captains Report

With the Mini 2000 weekend closing fast, I would like to thank the members who have volunteered to assist with the weekend activities. The response for sponsorships for the event have been coming in slowly but at this stage we have 15 confirmations and several others have indicated that they are keen to participate in this great weekend. If you know of any business or company that you think would like to be part of the Mini 2000 please let me know.

The media releases regarding the Mini 2000 that John Heselwood faxes to the local Quest and intrastate newspapers continue to generate a good response from non member Mini owners from all over the state. We have been averaging around 10 calls a week. Not only are they interested in the Lakeside weekend, they didn’t realise that there was still such a great following of the Mini in Queensland. What really is amazing though, is that everyone seems to have owned a Cooper S at some stage in their life. I think the number produced must have been more than the factory records.

The first annual golf day on April 2 was another successful Mini Event with 14 players lining up on the first tee at 7.00am at the Wantima Golf Club. Andrew Wright and myself never play golf but still managed to enjoy ourselves even though we carried the ball more than hitting it and the walk was good. Many thanks to Ray and Judy Retchless for arranging another great Sunday outing.

Don’t forget to fill out the Mini 2000 form on the back of the envelope and send it back ASAP. This will help in the planning for what will be the biggest MINI weekend ever.

Your Club Captain