THE MINI MAG. Volume 2 No.8
  August 2000

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Presidents Report

I guess that it had to happen sooner or later, we had to cancel a planned run. But, the replacement run proved that the members have not lost their enthusiasm. Nevertheless it was disappointing to have to call off the planned weekend run to Bundaberg. Disappointing because it was our first opportunity to take our city members to meet with our country members. I hope we can plan another trip to cater for them.

To help the committee plan future trips and events I ask each of you to fill out and return the enclosed questionnaire. This will only take a few minutes of your time and that few minutes will help make the committee’s job that little bit easier. We can not cater for your wants if we don’t know what they are.

The committee has asked Glen Carpenter of Glen’s Mini Mart to host a “Swap Meet” on Sunday September 10. I would ask each and everyone of you to make an effort and go along to show support to the one of the sponsors of our club. You are welcome to bring along your excess parts to sell or swap. You never know you might just have that part that someone has been searching for but just couldn’t find it. You never know just what Glen has been hiding in his workshop as well!!

Speaking of supporting, I have done a contra deal with Fotofast film processors, whereby they will process the films and supply scanned images and photos for the Mini Mag and the club archives in return for advertising in our mag. If you need films processed, check them out, they are in the Myer Centre in the City. Tell them you are a Mini Owners Club member and they will look after you.

An event to look forward to is the club’s first “Driver Training Day” planned for Sunday 22nd October. This is not just a day for the petrol heads, it is a day for all club members. We the committee, have not forgotten why this club was formed in the first place, and that was to cater for the family members and not just the motorsport. So, a morning run has been organised to Rosewood for morning tea and finishing at the Driver Training Day for a BBQ lunch. The run will depart the Ampol Redbank at 10.00am.

Planning is also well under way for the end of year Christmas Party. We have booked Wests Leagues Club at Purtell Park at Bardon for Sunday 17 December for the big day. I am sure if I talk nicely to Capt. Bob, he might be able to arrange transport for Santa. I am sure Dave Perkins will give him a hand in the arrangements.

The new Mini looks like being a reality, with the announcement that it will be released at the Paris Motor Show next month. I hope to have some sneak previews next month.

See you at the next Mini Meet.
John Heselwood.