THE MINI MAG. Volume 2 No.8
  August 2000

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Club Captains Report

It was unfortunate that the committee had to cancel the Bundaberg Run due to the lack of interest of members wishing to embark on the longest run the club has planned since it was formed. It was disappointing for the five Brisbane members and the four from Nambour, Caloundra, Gympie and Maryborough who were looking forward to meeting us along Highway One to Bundaberg. We are still hoping to do such a run to cater for our northern members.

At our last monthly meeting there was a discussion on why the numbers were not there for the Bundy Run and there was obvious reasons why members could not join in on the run. It seems the distance was the main reason and next was the fact that they had to work on Saturdays. Enclosed in this months Mini Mag is a survey form for you to fill out, so that we the committee, can get your ideas, suggestions and wants, so that we can plan for the future outings and activities. Please take the time to read it, fill it out and return it either by post or hand it in at the next meeting. Remember, if we do not know what you the member wants, we can’t make it happen!

The replacement run for the Bundy event was a breakfast get-together at Mt Coot-tha followed by a run to Mt Mee. The day was well attended with 26 Minis invading the winding roads of television hill and 40 members enjoying a BBQ breakie. We left Mt Coot-tha at 10.00am for the run to Mt Mee via the beautiful country village of Samford and Dayboro with a convoy of 18 Minis. I was following Cliff Bourke who was off at high speed trying to catch the leaders, but Cliff could not figure out why he was not catching up to anyone. As he turned right at Dayboro for Mt Mee everyone, being lead by Liz Armstrong, decided to go straight ahead. Liz and navigator Andrew Wright, lead the group towards Mt Pleasant for 15ks before ending up on a gravel road with a “No Through Road” sign to greet them. Meanwhile, Cliff and I were waiting at Dayboro for 15 minutes before we left for Mt Mee, thinking that the rest will catch up sooner or later. Sure enough, 10 minutes later, 3ks from Mt Mee the Liz and Andrew convoy joined us laughing and giggling about taking the wrong road to nowhere.

By the time we got to Mt Mee it was lunchtime and we stopped at the Munchens Restaurant where the waiter could not believe that 30 people were coming in. they have thought that they had won the jackpot for lunch.

I hope you all enjoyed the day and I hope we can have just as much fun at the next event, The All British Car Club Day on Sunday August 27.

Your Club Captain