THE MINI MAG. Volume 2 No.1
  January 2000

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Helpful Hints.

Clutch does not fully disengage:
1. Check clutch flexible hydraulic line for bulging when the clutch pedal is pressed, and for signs of cracking or leaks. If any of these are found, replace the clutch line and bleed the clutch hydraulic system.
2. Check the clevis pin (connects the slave cylinder piston to the clutch arm) is not excessively worn.
3. Check the clutch adjustments are correct.
4. Check the master cylinder fluid level, clutch pedal and surrounding area, and slave cylinder for leaks. If the fluid requires topping up the system is leaking.
5. Bleed the clutch hydraulic system. This eliminates any trapped air from the system.

Clutch pedal slow to release:
Check the clutch hydraulics, particularly the rubber hose - it may have swollen internally.

Dynamo to alternator conversion:
If you are considering fitting an alternator to a Mk1 Mini or Cooper, please think twice if the car is in original condition - any modification of this type will reduce the value of the car (keep the olds parts so the modification is reversible). Parts required: Lucas alternator, alternator mounting bracket, cable ties.

The recommended alternator is Lucas type 16ACR which delivers 34 amps at 6,000 rpm. 18ACR, 20ACR and higher can be used but generate more current - the ability of the Mini wiring loom to withstand this is not guaranteed.

Check vehicle polarity. Most dynamo equipped-cars will be positive-earth (positive lead of battery connected to body shell). This must be reversed (negative lead of battery connected to earth). Some cars will already have been converted to negative earth; if the negative terminal of the battery is connected to the body shell, nothing need be changed and all radios/tachometers/etc may be retained.

A new earth strap may be required if the positive-earth strap does not reach the negative terminal after the battery has been flipped around. If you have any tachometers, radios, or other electronic gadgets in your car and it is positive earth, they will have to be removed, at least until they can be converted to negative earth, assuming this is possible.

1. Fit the alternator and bracket into the position occupied by the dynamo. Connect the thick wire to the terminal marked S or +. Connect the thin wire to the terminal marked IND or WL. Ensure the fanbelt is tensioned correctly; replace if excessively worn.

2. Dynamo control box: remove the black wire from terminal E and. Remove the brown/green wire from terminal F and the brown/yellow or yellow wire from terminal D and connect them. Remove the wires from terminals AL, A and D and join them. 3. Insulate the ends of all wires/terminals that are now exposed and tie the wires off to convenient mounting points using cable ties.

4. Alternatively, the innards of the control box can be removed or bypassed and the appropriate wiring connections made inside the box, with the wiring loom wires still connected to the same terminals to give the original look.

Your Mini is now negative-earth instead of positive-earth.