THE MINI MAG. Volume 2 No.7
  July 2000

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Club Captains Report

When we first sat down and started considering the possibilities of setting up the Mini Owners Club, we thought it would be nice to have a small group of 50-60 members to make a great little club and enjoy each others company with our beloved Mini. For your information we are now nearing the 400 mark as the membership keeps climbing each month. Our monthly meetings keep getting larger and the cold weather can’t keep you at home. All I can say is that the committee must be doing something right for you to keep coming back to the meetings, the day runs and events.

I would like to mention that we have fourteen advertisers / sponsors in The Mini Mag every month who pay good money for the advertising. I would like to think that our members are remembering to visit or phone these companies when your in need of service and spare parts. We want them to renew the advertising contracts in 2001, 2002, 2003 etc. please support the Mini Owners Club Advertisers and sponsors.

Our last monthly meeting was again well attended to welcome our guest speaker John Butler, Queensland Sales Manager for NGK Spark Plugs, who gave us excellent information on selecting the right plug with the correct heat range to suit the Mini and the average car, plus other technical information. I hope all our members picked up something from the presentation. I know I did. Many thanks again to John Butler and NGK Spark Plugs.

The Toowoomba Day Run was well attended with just on 20 Minis meeting at the picturesque Colleges Crossing on the upper reaches of the Brisbane River for breakfast. It was a little cold at first but that was soon forgotten as we could smell that hot bacon & eggs with super chefs Spencer, Andrew, Bob, Trevor and son cooking while Cliff Bourke and his daughter organised the primus gas cooker for hot tea and coffee. We departed at about 10am for Toowoomba with sixteen Minis in convoy, which looked fantastic as we headed up the Warrego Highway. The drive took about an hour and on arrival we were meet by one of our Toowoomba members, Phil Whittington, who took us on a tour to Mini Care, the local Mini Parts Dealer, where we had a good look around to see if we might find that part we have been searching for. While we were doing this, some of the ladies headed off to check out the Arts and Crafts Markets. Lunch was at Picnic Point and the menu of the day was spicy burgers and sausages. We were joined by some of the Queensland Mini Car Club’s Toowoomba members who greeted our members very well. Many thanks to Lisa and Phil Whittington who arranged the venue, salad and BBQ for lunch.

Your Club Captain