THE MINI MAG. Volume 2 No.3
  March 2000

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Presidents Report

Happy Birthday to us! One year old. The year certainly has gone quickly and we have achieved a great deal in that twelve months. But first, it gives me much pleasure, and indeed an honour, to announce that the man responsible for the Mini Cooper, Mr John Cooper CBE, has accepted the position of Patron of our club. We could not have asked a better person to fill this roll.

Second, what great support it was to have over 100 members attend the birthday monthly meeting at Brisbane BMW. Martin Roller, Managing Director of Brisbane BMW, hosted a complimentary buffet BBQ for all present, and vacated the showroom for us to hold our meeting. I would like to thank Martin and his staff, especially the “Chefs”, for looking after us so well. I don’t think it was me the members came to hear as I chaired my first monthly meeting as President, but I think the details on the new Mini had a bit to do with it. Martin, being a true car salesman, certainly sold the Mini as a car that would be up there with the best and we all look forward to seeing the finished product. He was under instructions from above to only give certain details of the car, but did say that it would most likely be released at the Birmingham Motor Show in the UK later this year. The Australian release would most likely be at the Melbourne Motor Show in 2001 and they hope that the new Mini would be used in the celebrity race at the 2001 Australian Grand Prix. Brisbane BMW will be the only Brisbane outlet for the new Mini and I look forward to working with them when the car arrives as I feel they will be big supporters of our club. Peter Bossie came up with the ideal solution in that if all the members put in a hundred dollars for the \$40,000 Cooper S, each of us could drive it for one day a year.

The Mini 2000 in June is shaping up to be bigger and better than the Mini 40 at Norwell last year. To make it work will need all members support, not just the tireless effort of the committee. If each member puts in a half hour on the day doing something it will give each and everyone of us time to enjoy the day. I hope that you will lend your support in the same way as you have done in the past twelve months.

I totally enjoyed the night navigation run. I went along as navigator for Nairn Hindhaugh, in his Mini with the funny bonnet. I managed to get us lost at the second turn after the start but he didn’t yell at his navigator, unlike other drivers like the one in the green ‘S’. Thanks Scott and Lee-Anne for organising a fun night and we will have to arrange another in the near future.

The members who attended the “Water-Ski Weekend” at Moogerah Dam had a fantastic time on the water. Dave Perkins gave ski lessons for the beginners and lessons for the experienced on how fast his 8litre V8 powered boat goes. I understand the Saturday night action was just as hectic! I went up to see the members at play on the Sunday morning, but a back injury kept me out of the water. Poor excuse I know! Thanks to Dave and Gary Byth for supplying their boats.

Don’t forget the Golf Day on Sunday 2nd April as it should be a fun day. Tee-off at 7.00am but be there by 6.45 please so that Ray Retchless can give us the instructions and rules for the day. If you don’t want to play come along at lunch for the BBQ and presentation.

If you need your car dated for Club Rego, Dave Perkins is now the Club Dating Officer. Other new positions on the committee are, Motorsport Co-ordinator, Glen Carpenter and Assistant co-ordinator, Rob Watson. Glen & Rob hope to have some news on joining CAMS at the next monthly meeting.

John Heselwood.