THE MINI MAG. Volume 2 No.3
  March 2000

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Night Navigation Run.
Friday February 25th 2000

Question: What has about 60 wheels and suddenly explodes in different directions at once in Corinda?

Answer: The group of Minis trying to work out where they are on one of Scott Longton's Night Runs.

We started out with about 15 cars from the Shell Servo in Mt Gravatt, and with our esteemed Club Pres as my navigator, it seemed to start well. We felt pretty smug as we were waved away, and even laughed at another Mini heading off in a different direction. We only went in a full circle within about 2 minutes of starting, so we had a bit of time to make up.

I kept thinking "I can't yell at the Pres, and anyway, he's probably having enough trouble coming to grips with the broad expanse of a square nose Mini bonnet". More likely he was overawed at the smooth ride qualities of an LS and marvelling at the velour seats, and the absolute silence of this sophisticated car. Raising his voice about 12 octaves above the gearbox howl and loose exhaust, he managed to get us bushed more times than I can remember.

We saw Dave Perkins come at us from a different direction each time, but after a while that came as a comfort to know that the man who wins more raffles than the rest of us put together was also lost. It was an absolute fluke that we managed to find the control at the end of the third stage, beside some long forgotten railway station. (And don't tell me you worked that one out for yourself, John).

Scott was there to welcome us in at Slaughter Falls, and it seemed that most had found their way without opening the secret instructions.

We did see Crash's Moke trying to find his way to the finish as I then flew up Mount Coot-tha to deliver the news operations manager back to his work. It was a fun night, and thanks to Scott and Lee-Anne for organising it all.

Nairn Hindhaugh.

1st; Noel Firkin and Daniel Miller
2nd; Ian McKay and Cheryl
3rd; Derek and Jackeye Longton (Scott's parents. hmmmmmmmmmm)
4th; Nairn Hindhaugh and John Heselwood

Ed’s Note: We will do better next time Nairn, but at least we managed to beat Dave! And we had a good laugh!