THE MINI MAG. Volume 2 No.11 / 12
  November / December 2000

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Presidents Report

Christmas is upon us and another great year for our ever growing club is near an end. It gave me great pleasure at the last monthly meeting to announce that we had reached the 400 membership mark. Our goal now is to reach the magic 500 by the end of 2001. The past year has been a very busy one for club events, most of which were very well attended, as is evident later in the mag when we review the year that was. The pleasing aspect of the attendance is that it was not always the same group turning up, but different people each time. We could not expect every member to attend every event, as we still have to have a life away from Minis. (For some anyway)!

Our last run for the year was the Hastings Point Cruise, and at last the weather was kind and a great turnout was the result. The last club event for the year is our Christmas Party on Sunday 17th December. We have to pay for the catering in advance, so we NEED YOUR BOOKING by Friday the 8th or you won’t get a seat! Don’t forget to bring a present to give to Santa to hand out to your children.

This is the last Mini Mag for the year and the last before the closing date for nominations for the 2001 committee. The nomination form, with the proxy voting form on the back, is enclosed in this mag. The annual General Meeting will be held on Tuesday 13th February 2001 following the monthly meeting. To stand for a committee position, nominate someone for a position or second the nomination, you must be a financial member for 2001. You will also have to be financial to be able to vote at the AGM as well. The membership renewal forms should all be sent out by the time you get this mag, so if you have not received yours see me at the December MGM or give me a call or e-mail.

The Australian Mini 40 sub-committee is still short of a few members, so if you would like to get behind what will be the biggest Mini event ever in Queensland, give our Club Captain Tony Formosa a call and he will let you know where and when we will meet. This event will only be a success with a lot of hard work, but at the end it is worth it when you see the final result.

I would like to thank the ever working committee members like Glen Carpenter, Darryl Osborne, Bob Ward, Dave Perkins, Nairn Hindhaugh, Tracey York, Tony Formosa, Rob Watson, for the effort they put in this year. Without a good committee and enthusiastic members like we have, the club would not be what it is today, the best in Australia.

I wish each and every one a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year for 2001, the 40th year of the Mini in Australia.

See you at the next event.
John Heselwood.