THE MINI MAG. Volume 2 No.11 / 12
  November / December 2000

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You never forget your first Mini.

I took delivery of my first car, a platinum blue Morris 850, from UK Motors in the Valley (opposite the Valley baths) in July 1961.

For the next three years and 36 equal monthly instalments, my Mini and I had many memorable experiences. Of course, those were the early days of Mini in Australia, so there were very few on the road. However, it was not long before an ever increasing number of “bricks” appeared, with drivers greeting each other in the still familiar way, hence my pride and joy was dubbed “Little Toot”.

In 1962 I drove the Mini to Melbourne and back to Brisbane with no problems. Towards the end of that year I received an invitation from UK Motors to attend a public meeting in their showrooms to discuss the formation of a club for Morris 850 owners. Thus the very first Mini club was founded.

Thereafter, “Little Toot” and I were kept very busy with Motorkhanas, navigation runs and trips, culminating with 70 club members in 23 cars driving to Sydney and back during the 1964 Easter weekend. According to a report in a later club magazine, “petrol, accommodation, food and spending money for most of us would not have exceeded 10 pounds (\$20)”.

The time to part with my Mini came towards the end of 1964 when I sold it to my then girlfriend (where are you, Helen?), and became the proud owner of the first of two Morris 1100’s.

Apart from a nasty side-swipe outside the Royal Brisbane Hospital and the occasional “get out and kick it” fuel pump problem, “Little Toot” gave me no problems.

Forget my first Mini? – NEVER!

Brian Hey.