THE MINI MAG. Volume 2 No.10
  October 2000

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8th OCTOBER 2000

Twenty three club cars assembled at Garden City at 0830 on a fine, dry and hot Sunday morning. We even had the Dawes travel all the way from Hervey Bay in their new shiny white MK2 Cooper ‘S’ – their touring car. It certainly looks a treat as has been given some very sophisticated Paul Gulson treatment.

Briefing was at 0900, but we spent a little extra time trying to retrieve Brandon York’s super scooter form a car park tree where “Santa” had hidden it. What’s a laid back fun run without the fun? Not being an official run as it was not detailed in the Mini Mag, crews took a light hearted approach to proceedings and were certainly set to enjoy their outing to the Gold Coast.

The outing was primarily to attend a farewell BBQ and local run for Mini Mania and to show our Club’s thanks for Paul Gulson’s support over the past 18 months, and to meet the new owners, Mr & Mrs Mark Crowe and family.

Dave Perkins took the lead – boy did he! Show a Cooper ‘S’ a new four lane motorway and they think it’s a German autobahn. Coopers took off in all directions, and as my speedo recorded over 80 mph trying to catch Dave to tell him to slow up, I was passed by a Suzuki powered Clubman and a green Clubman with green squares all over it. Well it was open slather then, so I let the “boys” and girl (got a good one there Tracey!) do their thing and fell back and tried to help poor Brian Carmichael shepherd the rear. I would have had to come to a stop for half an hour to find the tail, as Brian was shepherding our new girl members in a 50 mph Moke. Brian gave it up as a bad joke and headed home, and the rest of us arrived at Mini Mania in good order to meet 6 more Gold Coast cars.

Paul Gulson and Mark Crowe put on a BBQ brunch using the Mini Mania CarBQ, a cut down round nose with the rear made into one large BBQ plate. Who needs a minivan with a BBQ, Pres, we can borrow this little number built in. Just back it up and start cooking! After brunch we had an opportunity to meet the new owners and find out that Mark will take over the good work of Paul, but consolidate more in the classic restoration line, along with offering good quality parts and service. Paul is staying on for a little while to help Mark through. The Mini Owners Club wish he and his family well in the new venture, and I am sure their support of our Club and events will continue, as ours will.

Paul drew a stick map of the route, but I think most of us put our faith in Paul’s leadership at a more sedate pace. Some members returned to Brisbane, Crash with a blown head gasket, while 23 cars started a picturesque but hot run through West Burleigh, climbing the Tomewin Range in the Gold Coast Hinterland. Passing through the NSW Border Gate the temp gauges well above normal, then luckily a down hill run into an increasingly cooler sea breeze as we approached the canefields of Murwillumbah. The tail became separated from the mad Moke, and I remember doing a few laps of downtown Murwillumbah trying to see where everybody went. As no one else could be found, Tracey, Dave and I then made our own rules and carried on up the Gold Coast Highway in a very strong sea breeze. Bob Davis and group were last seen heading off to the Coolangatta Pub, so we carried on to Mini Mania, had a light refreshment and headed home.

A fun day, and one where a bit of flexibility, initiative and keeping cool paid off. All the best to you Paul, and to Mark and Family, thanks for the day.

Bob Ward