THE MINI MAG. Volume 2 No.10
  October 2000

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The Wynnum Spring Parade
Saturday October 14, 2000

Ten cars showed the club flag in the annual parade through the streets of Wynnum. We meet at Mini Pro to dress the cars with balloons and streamers and enjoyed a BBQ lunch thanks to “Crash”.

I am glad Pat & Cassie McQuilken showed up as they were put to good use and blew up the balloons. Did I hear Tom say that he always thought they were full of hot air??

The crowd showed they still have a soft spot for the “brick” and many times “look dad it’s a Mr Bean car” was heard from the kids. Bob Ward decided to pull out near the end when his engine was getting on the wrong side the temp gauge but Alec Davis solved his heating problem by removing the bonnet. He also entertained the crowd by leaving much of his front tyres up the main street.

Thanks to Tom, Pat & Cassie McQuilken, Bob & Alec Davis, Bob Ward, Charlie Niven, Crash (Gary Rand) and Dave McGregor for their support in showing the club flag.