THE MINI MAG. Volume 2 No.10
  October 2000

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Lead Replacement Petrol

Q: What is LRP?
A: BP LRP is equivalent to BP Leaded Petrol without the lead and with an additive to protect exhaust valves. The fuel is designed to be used in all vehicles made before 1986 which currently run on leaded Super. Lead Replacement Petrol has the same octane rating as Super (96) and should not change your vehicle’s fuel consumption or performance in any way. The main difference, of course, is that it contains no lead.

Typical properties -
Colour = yellow
Octane = 96 min
Lead = Less than 10 mg/L

Q: How will the new fuel affect the performance of my vehicle?
A: BP Lead Replacement Petrol has been designed to be used in all pre 1986 cars that use Leaded Super Petrol. This includes vintage and veteran cars. The fuel has the same properties as Leaded Petrol except that the lead has been replaced by an additive and the summer volatility has been restricted to meet the requirements of the Environment Protection Legislation. The additive will replace the valve seat protection benefits of lead and ensure that the life and durability of the engine will not be reduced in any way. The restriction in summer volatility will mean that the fuel will not vaporise as readily as leaded petrol but this should only be noticeable as harder starting when cold in summer. Once warmed up the vehicle should perform normally.

BP LRP can be used in any equipment that currently uses leaded petrol.

Q: I have heard that lead protects my engine. How will my engine be protected if lead is taken out?
A: Lead oxide from combustion protects exhaust valve seats against excessive wear. Lead has been replaced with an additive that does the same job.

Q: Will the octane rating of the fuel change?
A: BP Lead Replacement Petrol will be made to the same octane as current leaded petrol by additional refining. The tendency of a vehicle to knock will be the same on BP LRP as on leaded petrol.

Q: Will these cleaner fuels help the fuel efficiency of my car?
A: No, the fuel efficiency of your car will remain the same. The benefit is that less pollutants will be released to the atmosphere.

Q: Will I be able to fill an unleaded car with Lead Replacement Petrol?
A: No, you will not be able to fill an unleaded car with BP LRP because it will be dispensed from the same large bowser nozzle which will not fit into the tank filler of an unleaded car. BP LRP should not be used in cars that currently use unleaded petrol.

Q: How will it go in a vintage car?
A: Lead Replacement Petrol is ideal for vintage engines.

Q: What other affects might be seen when using BP Lead Replacement Petrol?
A: Exhaust pipes - in cars which used leaded petrol the visible exhaust pipe is normally coloured from light grey to black depending on the amount of lead oxide deposits.

Without the lead the exhaust pipe will be a black colour. However without the corrosive by-products of lead combustion exhaust systems will last longer.