THE MINI MAG. Volume 2 No.10
  October 2000

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Driver Training Day.
Sunday 22nd October 2000

Our first Driver Training Day and another first class event for the club. It has proved that this type of event is one that will become big for the club if today’s example is any indication.

The day started early for Glen Carpenter and his crew setting up the day at the Ipswich & Westmorten Race Track at Willowbank. Twenty members entered in various cars, mainly Minis of course, but a Toyota Wagon, Holden Balina GTI, Moke and a Van joined the line up for Scuritneering. Then all drivers were given a blackboard lesson on the finer points of getting around the dirt track the fastest and safest way. By the end of the day they proved they were fast learners.

While they were having fun in the dirt another group was gathering at the Ampol servo at Redbank for a run to Rosewood. Brian Carmichael was the organizer, after a drivers briefing we were all given a map and instructions and headed off to the Golf Club for morning tea. As normal, the map and instructions went in the side pocket, as you only need it if you don’t know where you are going. The instructions clearly said that we take the Toowoomba exit, but as usual some were not paying attention and went straight ahead. I won’t say who they were as I don’t want to embarrass Charlie! All was not lost as they found their way via Ipswich and meet the rest at Rosewood for a all you can eat morning tea at Brian’s favourite Golf Club.

The convoy of 14 Minis then headed for the track to join the boy & girl racers for a bbq lunch and watch them demonstrate what they had learned. Matt Read showed us that he has spent more than one Sunday morning at the track, while first timer, Meg O’Connor let it be known that she can mix it with the best of them in Peter Bossie’s supercharged Clubman.

Thanks Glen & Brian for a well organized day.

John Heselwood.