THE MINI MAG. Volume 2 No.9
  September 2000

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Presidents Report

All British Day 2000. What a great day it was for our club when we won the trophy for the best club display. Our members really got behind their club to show the others that we are here to stay. 55 cars made up our display along with club photos and Mini memorabilia on show. I must pay a special thanks to Club Captain, Tony Formosa for arranging the cars, people and the display and to Andrew Wright for the transport for the display boards and tents. Thanks to everyone who attended the day. It makes one proud to be associated with such a great bunch of people.

But, September is a sad time for all us Mini enthusiasts. This is the month when production of the current Mini finally comes to an end after 41 years of wonderful service to the motoring world. No other car has ever come close to the Minis achievements. Rover have stated that they were inundated with orders and struggling to meet the demand. So why not extend its life a little further ? All is not lost however, as the production is going to be moved to the Heritage site in Witney England. So it looks like our favourite little car will around for some time yet.

By now the “New Mini” should have just been released for public viewing at the Paris Motor Show. I look forward to seeing the motoring writers views on what they think of it. There is an article, with pictures, later in this edition on the press preview at the end of August. Sounds like a great car, but it just won’t be the same as the “Classic” Mini. I think, that unfortunately, it will be just another European car, but at least it will have the Mini badge and no other.

Our Vice President, David McGregor has resigned his position due to personal reasons, but he intends to stay on as a committee member to help out when time permits him to do so. Thanks Dave for the effort that you were able to give us during the past eight months and we look forward to seeing you at the meetings as so as you are able. The position will be filled in the future.

The survey forms are a bit slow in coming back, but the ones that we have indicate that the committee must be doing things right, as there were no complaints. A few new ideas and destinations for day runs have been put forward and these will be put to the next committee meeting.

As you will note later in the magazine, Paul Gulson has sold his business, Mini Mania. An open day has been arranged for Sunday 8th October, (not the 1st as previously advised) and a special day run has been planned to leave Garden City at 9.00am. On behalf of all the members I would like to wish Paul all the best in his new venture in the world of aircraft engines.

The club still needs more support for the Driver Training day on the 22nd October. This will be a great opportunity to learn a lot about you cars handling on a dirt track. The track is a wide one, so if you let your ambition overtake your ability, there is very little chance that you will hit anything. If you do not have a helmet, I am sure that we can find one for you to borrow on the day. If you do want to give it a go, come along on the morning run to Rosewood and then to the track for lunch. You never know you might like what you see!

While on the subject of support, we are looking for volunteers to join the Australian Mini 40 organizing committee. If you have the get up and go required, give me a call. Cheers for now,

See you at the next Mini Meet.
John Heselwood.